June/July 2018

From the President's Desk


Here we are in the midst of summer. It took a while to get here so enjoy the warmth and sun while you can.

Here at YOUR ICHC, we will be working on things that have been in need of some TLC. We are also looking to the Fall and Spring to bring you more exciting music and entertainment.

As we look forward I also want to say goodbye to our friend John Noyola. John will be leaving on the 17th of June so if you come by the center, be sure to wish him luck in Colorado. John will be difficult to replace, and his work will always be around the center. I want to thank those who showed interest in Johnís position. That being said we have contracted Tim O' Sullivan to be our building manager. Tim has a passion that will continue to bring the center where it needs to be for events and general up keep. Please welcome him in his new position.

I also want to take this time to say THANK YOU to all of you who came to the annual meeting this past month. I still am amazed at the love and dedication we all have for OUR ICHC!  All who attended enjoyed great food, friendship, and a great speech (well maybe not that).  I truly enjoyed the question and answer session with all of you. The ideas coming from this session will be explored. We only grow as big as the ideas we explore. Keep your thoughts and ideas coming. 

As I stated at the membership party, and it became more clear only a week or so ago. we are getting older (and wiser as well) as a group. The passing of Bill Crowley brought this to mind. Bill was a tremendous supporter of the ICHC.  I again implore you to share your love and passion of the mission and vision of YOUR ICHC.  If we cannot share our wisdom and heritage with the young, our legacy is doomed to be forgotten. So get out there and share your warmth, your Celtic Spirit, your ICHC!!

 Irish fest will be upon us sooner than we think. This is a perfect time to share with everyone what we are all about!! Please contact us to help volunteer at our booth, or to volunteer at the center, we always look forward to making new friends while seeing old ones again.

 Enjoy all that summer offers here in our great city... Hope to see you at Irish Fest.

See YOU at the Center.


Corey Webster
President, Board of Directors of the ICHC